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We are a team of Finance and Business experts assisting companies to achieve their goals, provides advices and strategies to all aspects of corporate finance and business areas.


At Watson Management Consulting, we work with top executives to assist them to make more informed decision and transform their company into sustainable success, by strengthening their financial indicators and supporting local and international expansion through local and foreign direct investment, M&A’s and restructuring.


We specialize in assisting companies to prepare for capital raising, in strengthening their financial indicators, developing comprehensive business plans, securing attractive growth capital, advising to become more efficient and cost effective in production and sales, automating business and financial processes, creating accurate reports and developing and improving sales channels and marketing strategy on local and international level. 

Our team has a wealth of experience in diverse industries around the world, covering Finance, Accounting,Technology, Marketing, Energy & RES, Cosmetics & Fashion, Logistics, Consumer products, Media, Healthcare, Tourism, Shipping, Aviation, Engineering and many more.